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Aesthetic Services

Surgery is not always the answer to looking younger and feeling better about yourself. We are pleased to offer various non-surgical aesthetic services to help you look your best. Depending on one’s goals and current status, one or multiple treatments may be recommended.

Dr. Escaravage performs ALL treatments himself. Whether you are seeking Botox, a dermal filler, or laser skin resurfacing, rest assured that EVERY treatment will be performed personally by Dr. Escaravage himself.

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is a simple, nonsurgical injectable treatment that can temporarily improve facial wrinkles. It works by temporarily weakening the injected muscles so that they do not contract as forcefully and wrinkle the overlying skin.

The name sounds scary. It is based on the toxin from the bacteria that historically causes botulism. However, it is a highly purified and non-infectious form, produced in carefully controlled laboratories, and has a very low side effect profile. Botulinum injections have safely been performed many millions of time worldwide over the last several decades.

Botulinum has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) for to improve the wrinkles between the brows and the surrounding the eyes (“crow’s feet”). It is very commonly used to improve wrinkles of other areas of the face as an “off-label” use. There are various brands of botulinum toxin on the market in the United States. While similar, each has unique characteristics that may make it more optimal for the desired effect. A discussion and examination with Dr. Escaravage will detemine if botulinum toxin is right for you.

Facial Fillers

Facial wrinkles are not always just due to muscle contraction. Our skin thins and loses elasticity and we lose facial volume as we age. This can be accelerated by excessive sun exposure, and smoking. With the same amount of skin and less volume overwhich to stretch, the skin will fold in response to a lifetime of muscle action, creating wrinkles that are always present (static wrinkles). Traditionally, surgery such as a facelift was the only option to smooth and tighten skin in order improve the appearance of wrinkles.

However, dermal fillers offer a much less invasive, affordable and effective option to improve facial wrinkles and volume loss without surgery. Like botulinum toxin, there are typical  FDA-approved uses, but many “off label” uses as well. Many different types of dermal fillers exist, each having unique characteristics which could make them preferable for certain types of treatment. A thorough understanding of these principles is important, but more important is the experienced knowledge of how to use these products combined with an aesthetic eye for detail.

Injection of dermal fillers can be overdone and does have risks of complications. It is important that one’s expectations are clear and reasonable. It is more important that the provider has extensive experience in creating the desired outcome, but also has the knowledge and ability to address any problems that could possibly arise.